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Glory Entertainment Bolsters Tech Talent with Seidman to Join Board of Directors

Glory Media

Sep 30, 2022

Mark Seidman to lead technology platform initiatives

As background, Glory Entertainment is a creative content partnership and commercialization company. Artists participate in the monetization of their works through an integrated chain of services that cover copyrights and other forms of intellectual property, production, branding, marketing, licensing and distribution (with a focus on digital).

To lead the development and deployment of the tech stack for these various revenue generating properties, Glory has recruited industry veteran and entrepreneur, Mark Seidman as a founding Board Member and initial CTO.

Originally from Manhattan, NYC, Seidman was exposed to the entertainment production industry at a very young age through his uncle, Byron "Mickey" Goldman, a Broadway angel investor who produced some 175+ theatrical plays and musicals over the course of his career.

"I was just a kid, so growing up in it, there wasn't a realization of how unique it was to go back stage after The King and I performance and talk to Yul Brenner or to listen to my uncle chat it up with Jane Fonda in the hallway of his apartment building. It was just the environment. Looking back on it now, there is a much deeper appreciation for how that exposure molded my perspective," Seidman relays.

This isn't some nostalgia project however, the exec sees serious market potential and intends to capitalize. "Make no mistake, this is a well thought out business model. I was just coming off an exit from a previous software project and shortly thereafter, finished up a USAFRL led contract with the State of Indiana when I got the call from Tim Matthews, CMO at Glory. He knew I was designing some some new application concepts in stealth mode, but asked if I would consider getting involved in an entertainment company. I thought, hmm, that's digital distribution, that's scalable and I have some real experience in that industry. Then I met Jojo Brim and we just hit it off. We're from the same era of music, same hometown and we both love baseball." Brim is a Yankee fan, Seidman a Met fan. They both have fun with that fact.

Seidman continues, "In tech, we think about and quantify innovation as patents and new use cases or applications, but art projects are also innovations. They are creations of emotion and feeling though, based on stories as opposed to tools as solutions for a task. Where technology meets art is in providing those solution based tools for the creation of different mediums and software specifically enables those creations to be shared in an effective and impactful way."

Glory cash flows the business through royalties and licensing fees from copyrighted works. They have also launched a fundraising round for M&A financing of revenue generating properties such as films, video games, and song catalogs. "The vertical integration makes it both scalable and resilient," Seidman explains, "one revenue stream can carry the business through cycles as others mature in the pipeline. Those streams complement and help proliferate each other. It's a carefully curated strategy and it also happens to produce very interesting projects. For a conscientious investor that likes the upside potential of appreciable securitized assets, it's an attractive opportunity that actually contributes something of value to the world."



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