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Glory Accepted into Google Startups for Cloud Program

Glory Media

Nov 23, 2022

Glory Entertainment will Utilize $200k in Cloud Services Credits for Media Platform Development

Glory Entertainment announced today that it has been accepted into the Google for Startups Cloud Platform Program. The initiative enables early stage funded companies to access dedicated resources which include up to $200,000 in Cloud credits plus Google Cloud training, business and technical support.

CTO Mark Seidman had this to say about the program, "Glory is a company that holds creatives at its' center. The creative process of artists has always been at the forefront of advancing innovative applications. In the development community we talk a lot about "agile engineering" and the methodology and advantages of "failing fast". That approach to producing creative content is enhanced by an order of magnitude when paired with the suite of services Google has to offer."

The Google Cloud team also provides a carefully curated developer community for catalyzing developer collaboration, organizing industry events and sharing resources for learning how to leverage the platform.

"The Glory business plan calls for cultivating partnerships with best in class product and service providers. We feel that Google Cloud is the most secure, robust and effectively scalable solution in the marketplace. That is naturally the best development and deployment partner for our creatives, for our platform users both internally and externally and ultimately for our end customers. That entire ecosystem, which we cultivate through what we call Glory as a Service (GaaS), depends on reliable IT infrastructure. Whether that be locally run developer tools or globally managed networks, Google gives us the confidence that what we build will be able to scale fast when called upon."

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